CD Imperial Brass met Johanni van Oostrum, sopraan

Koper-ensemble Imperial Brass: licht klassieke cd met werken van Engelse componisten als Stanford, Arne, Coates en Byrd. Op de cd staan instrumentale werken en liederen i.s.m. Johanni van Oostrum; sopraan, winnares van Una Voce Particolare

1.  Pastime with good company, Henry VIII

2.  Under the greenwood tree, Myles B. Foster

3.  When daisies pied, Thomas Arne

4.  Blow, blow thou winter wind, Roger Quilter

5.  April is in my mistress’ face, Thomas Morley

6.  O mistress mine, Roger Quilter

7.  It was a lover and his lass, Stuart Findlay

8.  The rain, it raineth everyday, Charles Stanford

9.  Where the bee sucks, Thomas Arne

10. It was a lover and his lass, Thomas Morley

11. Verily, verily I say unto you, Thomas Tallis

12. Who is Silvia?, Eric Coates

13. Come away, come away, death, Roger Quilter

14. Gagliarda, William Byrd

15. Orpheus with hit lute, Frederic Austin

16. When daffodils begin to peer, John Ireland

17. When icicles hang by the wall, Roger Quilter

18. The Earle of Oxford Marche, William Byrd


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